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This pandemic has demonstrated more than ever how important and critical the school district and board are to our everyday lives. Learn here what issues could impact you and engage with the board of education meetings.

Sept 28, 2021, Tuesday 5pm
Attend In-Person District office (1401 Inglewood Ave, Redondo Beach, CA 90278)
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  3. Make a public comment in-person in front of the board
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Race and Equity Agenda 7.1 Curriculum and Course Adoption Processes Presentation by Dr. Susan Wildes
  We support the district and its Race and Equity Committee (REC) for challenging and changing institutional racial inequities that impact our learning community and students. There is a vocal minority who is increasing its efforts to derail the district. Your support in person and writing is critical for the administration and board to stay the course and recognize our otherwise silent majority. Some main points:
— RBUSD board has not discussed Critical Race Theory (CRT);
— RBUSD will not implement Critical Race Theory (CRT);
— Note that there is a strong disinformation campaign out there so please state you strongly disagree with their messages, particularly the local ones. Also: How A Conservative Activist Invented The Conflict Over Critical Race Theory (The New Yorker);
— REC is reviewing Learning for Justice to be implemented into the curriculum. It was developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It is not CRT nor has it been adopted yet;
— RBUSD demographics consist of nearly half the population as non-white.

Sample comment:
1. My name is ___. I am a RBUSD parent with kids at ____ school.
2. Thank you to the district and board for your leadership and efforts.
3. I support RBUSD and its Race and Equity Committee to adopt more initiatives, not less. This is important to me because [I am a minority and appreciate __; I value diversity and inclusion for my children and community, which is approximately 50% non-white...; I want my kids to learn a complete and accurate history of our country;]

COVID Mitigation Agenda 14.2 Revised LACDPH COVID-19 Protocol and Guidance

We are a group of nearly 100 parents who submitted a letter in support of the district's compliance with LA County health requirements including indoor masking. We acknowledge that conditions and regulations have been fluid so that in of itself have been difficult. However, we insist on increased mitigation measures because the county requirements amount to minimum safety measures for a county of 10M people that a relatively small, top tier district in a city of 65k people can and should adopt to further protect our specific community. These include the following:
— maintain a distancing of 6 feet outdoors, particularly at lunch, or wear a mask. Note that MBUSD now requires outdoor masking.
— allow students to sit 6 feet away from others even if not at a designated lunch table;
— when students do sit indoors for lunch, ensure that doors and windows are open; if not, ensure that the HVAC system is turned on to utilize MERV-13 or better filters.
— notify parents of "close contacts" within 24 hours, even if notification must take place on a non-school day.
— notify the entire classroom within 48 hours, particularly in elementary school where no students are vaccinated, when there's a confirmed COVID case. Contact tracing can still be quite fallible so this notification allows parents other than of close contacts to test their child. For example, contact tracing involves asking a kindergartner with whom s/he played 3 days prior.
— require close contacts, regardless if vaccination status, be tested 5-7 days after exposure.
— conduct a feasibility study for any kind of testing of unvaccinated students.
— maintain vigilance in mitigating COVID as we have done well, but we are not in the clear yet locally.


Sample comment:
1. My name is ___. I am a RBUSD parent with kids at ____ school.
2. Thank you to the district and board for...[guiding us through this pandemic; reopening classrooms].
3. I support the RBUSD to do more than the County health minimum requirements, such as [choose from above]

Public Speaking Protocol Public Comment speaker forms are provided to speakers as they arrive in-person. Typically, attendees/speakers have arrived approximately 30 minutes before the start of the Open Session meeting time (we recommend 60 min this time). Each topic is limited to 20 minutes.  Speakers are called up to the podium in the order in which the forms are received. We have limited seating in the Board Room for anyone wishing to observe the meeting in-person. If seating permits, speakers are welcome to sit in the audience portion of the Board Room, speak when they are called to the podium, and observe the remaining portion of the meeting. The only time a speaker would have to exit the Board Room and District Office building is if there were no seats available, in which case, speakers would wait downstairs until they are called to the podium. Any speaker waiting downstairs can view the meeting via our YouTube channel on their personal device. A face covering is required at all times while visiting the Redondo Beach Unified School District – District Office.
  There is an opportunity to make a public comment during a specific agenda item, vs just in the general hearing section (agenda 8.2). We will ask in person before the meeting and see if the board will allow it. This is ideal to have the board respond and discuss your specific comment.


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